Our Stories To Tell


While mental health is a more openly discussed topic within society today, there is still stigma surrounding mental illness and wellbeing. This stigma keeps those struggling silent and prevents them getting the help they need.

Many health institutions, political figures, and societal structures often overlook mental illness and the importance of providing access to mental healthcare for all, leaving many struggling without adequate help and resources – especially marginalized and/or impoverished communities.

Keeping this in mind, we wanted to create an anthology that opened discussion about mental illness, mental health, and the many circumstances and experiences existing within.

Our Stories to Tell is intended to be part of a growing movement to reduce stigma, raise awareness and understanding, and amplify voices of those who are often silenced by societal judgements and indifferences. It covers a broad range of topics including depression, anxiety, bipolar, suicide, trauma, mental health and race, and much more.