Right to Life: A Human Rights Anthology


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When most people hear the term “right to life”, it is often associated with political groups that have monopolized the term to fit harmful agendas aimed at stripping specific rights away from women. However, when thinking of this term in the context of current events within the United States (and within a global context), it is evident that the right to life is not extended to all people, especially those from marginalized communities. Being mindful of this, we want to take that term and put it back into the hands of those whose lives are often at risk on both the public and political scale.

In our latest anthology, Right to Life, we want to provide a platform for people to use their voice for both justice and education. In this anthology, you will read stories about what it’s like to live in someone else’s body; what it’s like to be someone in a society that often labels them as “other”; what it’s like to have to fight for the right to live in the same safety and comfort that should be granted to all, but is held by few.

Because we know expression comes in all forms, we have included poetry, prose, and essays within this anthology.

Right to Life: A Human Rights Anthology will begin to ship January 2024. Reserve your copy today!